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Another Day in Marfa

A reinvention project by David Hirschi


After four months in my new home I am beginning to find my rhythm. There are the months after a move of finding where all your belongings fall into place, a little like water finding its own level. And if this seems like a long time to adjust, I add there are...

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Gusty Winds May Exist

Why is it that when we can't think of anything to write or to talk about we default to weather? This morning I watch the snow melt while eating an incredible bear claw from 6th Street Bakery in Alpine. This is only our second truly wintry day in Marfa since I arrived...

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Before moving to Marfa I was determined to begin an exercise plan once here. Now, those who know me will appreciate that my implementation of said 'exercise plan' has so far involved two walks and one bicycle ride to and from the post office in a space of three...

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Big Empty

Somewhere in West Texas is an area referred to as The Big Empty. I could google it, I guess, but I'd almost rather not know where The Big Empty starts and where it ends. I just like the idea that it's out there somewhere. If you've ever spent time in Northern New...

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Today I'm thinking about bugs. I've got nothing better to do than a house full of paintings to finish and the website projects that keep me, bugs. As I slowly adjust myself to living in a town of 2121 pop., one of the most difficult adjustments is to the...

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