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Over coffee with my friend Martha she mentioned a headline she had seen for an article The man who hears colour on the BBC website.

The article is about artist Neil Harbisson1, a color-blind artist, for whom Adam Montandon2 created a device “made up of a webcam, a computer and a pair of headphones and created software that would translate any colour in front of me into a sound” — the eyeborg.

Montandon’s system is a microtonal scale with 360 notes per octave (one for each degree in a color wheel), the “Sonochromatic Music Scale.” 3

Image from Eyeborg article at Wikipedia

Several years later came Eyeborg 2.0 developed by Matias Lizana4 which transposed light frequencies (color) into sound frequencies, the “Pure Sonochromatic Scale.”

Image from Eyeborg article at Wikipedia