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Painting is always fresh. I have painted since I was a kid and yet here I am almost 50 years later still learning about paint, and still engaged. I strive to master technique, but do not believe I will ever master paint. Paint is the master in this relationship, and I follow where it leads. I go into the studio every day with conviction – today I will do better than I did yesterday. And then paint surprises me no matter how much I think I’ve got it ‘figured out.’ Then it is a process of moving through the aggravation of not getting the expected result and, instead, surrender again to where paint wants to go.

One of the essential questions, and I think especially so with monochromes, is how the paint is applied to the surface. I am now actively studying other ways and other vehicles for applying paint which will allow me to work looser and acknowledge the essential messy-ness of paint in preparation for my next series of work. It’s good to be in the studio playing with ideas. A welcome change from the pressure of creating a final work…and constructing a painting is hard work! I have found an artist who makes beautiful Baltic birch panels for me and I am developing a love affair with calcium carbonate.

The end result of this play will be a new series of paintings whose working title is “Seconds and Thirds” based on color theory. More later as the series unfolds.

Knife Study