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Another Chinati weekend is now passed. The visitors have left and, once again, it’s quiet here in Marfa.

Compared with last year’s open house, this weekend was blessedly not a circus: the puberty patrol was abated (no free Sonic Youth concert) nor did we see parasitic galleries sprouting in every available empty space to sell dubious wares.

Basically the weekend sorts itself into two crowds: the Judd aficionados and those who come to party. One camp doesn’t exclude the other.

The high points for me were seeing the luscious colors of Olle Baertling’s paintings at Chinati, the brilliant installation of Judd, Flavin, Chamberlin and Ruff at the inde/jacobs gallery still under construction (and I’m not saying that just because I happen to exhibit there), and the show at Waypoint with work by Leslie Wilkes, Ben Meisner and Charles Fresquez.

Hope to post some pix here soon from the weekend. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the peace and quiet.