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A friend and businesswoman was recently banned forever from our one (but not for long) and only local grocery store. Her offense? She complained that the shelves were often in need of a serious restocking and requests about this went unanswered. Also that some of the food was beyond its shelf date.

There are rumors floated around town as to why the shelves aren’t restocked which I won’t repeat here. Rest assured they are appropriately juicy and sordid, as all good rumors should be.

As to the shelf dates…if you find yourself in Marfa and MUST shop at our local grocery store for anything other than non-perishables, check the shelf date! A good samaritan friend of mine recently cleaned out my fridge (because I do it about once every six months or so…which appalled her) and we discovered a bottle of ketchup I had recently purchased from aforesaid store that was more than one year beyond its ‘best if used before’ date.

Driven out of a crazy work schedule to ‘shop locally’ (I usually do my grocery shopping in Alpine) I rifled through the steaks to find one that didn’t have a greenish cast, finding one that had actually (or reputedly) been packaged that day. Steak for dinner! Yippee. And I didn’t even have to drive 48 miles roundtrip to get it. Well, not so great. When I opened the package there was the distinct smell of Lysol. Being of a certain pit-bull mentality, I went ahead and cooked it. My first bite confirmed what my nose had warned: Lysol.

Lucky for us a new grocery is supposed to open soon (and it can’t be too soon). Meanwhile, a short road trip to do my shopping doesn’t seem so bad anymore.